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Expat Club Aperitif: Showcase your Business

Expat Club Aperitif announcement

Thank you to all the amazing expats who joined us at our recent event at the stunning QUAI-25 bar in Sion! In fact, the willingness to share insights, contacts, and advice created an atmosphere of mutual support, echoing the sentiment that together, we can thrive. 

Amidst the clinking glasses and laughter, there was a palpable sense of collaboration. It wasn’t a mere networking event; it was an occasion where we could explore how our businesses could complement and uplift one another. 

We’re immensely proud of our members who seized the opportunity to highlight their businesses and contribute to making this event an outstanding achievement. Notably, the spotlight was on the GO-Valais Expat Club website launch, a vital digital resource for our expat community, proudly crafted and maintained by Trident Software.

Missed the event or want to revisit the experience? Keep an eye on our upcoming events, and make sure you’re registered to be part of the next chapter in our expat journey. Let’s continue to shine and thrive together!

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